Who Am I?

I’m twenty something living in small town New Zealand

2016 is the start of our third year trying to have our own children.

I got pregnant naturally at the start of 2015, which ended in a miscarriage at 6 weeks.

I have done 5 rounds of clomid, which worked well but did not solve my underlying symptoms.  I have 4 rounds of prescriptions in the cupboard to use once I feel I have a better chance of conceiving.

While we are not yet at the stage of deciding, IUI and IVF are not a possibility due to other health factors. This may resolve or be able to be worked around, but it’s easiest to just try not to think about them and focus on what we can do.

We have no diagnosis – that’s not to say we are in the unexplained category, just that after a year under my current doctor, he has not felt the need to look into any of the symptoms I was referred to him for.  I am changing doctor.

I usually write when Im sad as a way to process my feelings, so I apologise if I’m a bit too melancholy.



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